Let the music do the talking



Full length cd
Superbug II (digipack)

Released 2008 (PMM records/Bertus). pmm2008004
Recorded at Mastersound studio Eelde.
Produced by Niels Lingbeek.
Mixed by Niels Lingbeek and John Radersma (Plugunit studio).
Mastered at Silvox studio by Caspar Falke.


Killing the habit
Delicious and fine
Can’t slow down
Into the fire
Power 2 Peace
Bad boy blues
Speedin’ up
Turn you on!
New York minute

superbug-hoes don't let the bad bugz bite
Full length cd
Don’t Let The Bad Bugz Bite

Released july 1th 2002 (Samhain records/Pinkrecords/Bertus). SH311022
Recorded at “Red Light Studio” Groningen.
Produced by Superbug and Tiemen Smid.
Mixed and enginered by Tiemen Smid.
Mastered at “The Masters” by Maarten de Boer.

The News
Morning Lights
Hey Now!
On The Run
Doin’ Time
Fluorescent Green Mind
Sugar Daddy
State of Rock
-bonus track: videoclip of Fluorescent Green Mind


Rock Tribune Sampler

may 2004
Released May 2004

We just recorded two new songs at that time, Mario from Rock Tribune was excited. So they put us on the sampler as an unsigned band.
Together with bands like Slipknot, Killswitch Engage and Mob rules it’s a cool way to promote your new song. All thanks to Mario!



Compilation cd
Heavy Metal Maniacs – part 2

Released March 2000

We were asked to deliver a song for this album.
The heavy metal Maniacs are an organisation that supports Dutch Heavy metal bands.
We recorded the song at the “Red Light Studio” Groningen. With engineer Tiemen Smid.

Speedin’ Up


Doin’ Time

Released in february 1998

This one was recorded at the Basement Studio in Sneek Holland. 23-10-1997
The first 100 copies were printed with different artwork.
The next 200 copies featured a painting in the foldout of the cd booklet.
(title: “The Bitch”) Made by Elmar Kuiper.

Doin’ Time
Let Your World Collide
Drop That Line


Garage Tapes

Released somewhere in 1997

We recorded it on a 4 track recording machine.
During rehearsel sessions back in 1997.
The songs that were on the cd are early versions of “Morning Lights” (from our debut album), “Drop that line” that appeared on our second demo and “Into the fire” that appeares on our second album “Superbug II”.

The Morning lights
Preacher’s Song
Drop That Line
Into The Fire